The past year in the United States has witnessed an increased acceptance of hate speech, a rise in racist, and xenophobic rhetoric, and the enactment of new policies and laws which are openly discriminatory. These twelve months, however, rest upon years of police shootings of unarmed African-Americans, violent attacks on the LBGTQI community, and continued assaults upon Muslims across the United States.  It is within this current and historic context that the site of the 2018 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Kansas City became a flashpoint for discussion in our field about our moral, political, and disciplinary responsibilities to support all members of the discipline in both word and deed.

In response to these discussions and actions by CCCC members, we believe there is a need to record and reflect upon this moment. That our field must provide a platform to record, analyze, and assess the how our field enacts their stated values and commitments toward inclusivity and equity. The Kansas City CCCC meeting is one such moment. With that goal, Four Days in Kansas City is designed to allow CCCC members to record understand and assess their experience of the conference and Kansas City. The resulting digital archive will be housed by the New City Community Press/Parlor Press series, Working and Writing for Change Change.