The Debate

It is hardly surprising that individuals focused on composition and rhetoric would use both elements effectively when discussing the ethics of continuing to hold the Conference on College Composition and Communication’s 2018 meeting in Kansas City in response to a NAACP Travel Advisory. Below are some of the documents that provide the trajectory of that discussion. It is necessarily an incomplete record of the totality of the discussion held by CCCC members. To help us expand the materials available, please submit additional materials by completing the form at the bottom of this page.


August, 2017

NAACP Travel Advisory for the State of Missouri

Joint Caucus Statement on the NAACP Missouri Travel Advisory

Letter to CCCC Members about the NAACP Travel Advisory and CCCC Statement on It, Asao Inoue

Update from CCCC on Kansas City

September 2017

Decision on the 2018 CCCC Convention

CCCC 2018 Queer Caucus Meeting

CCCC Latinx Caucus

October, 2017

Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition Regarding #4C18

Letter to CCCC re: SJAC Priorities


November, 2017

Joint Caucus Response to CCCC 2018 Decision

March, 2018

Thomas Passwater’s “I Don’t Need Cs”

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