Since the goal of this project is to allow individuals and collectives to represent the history of this moment in CCCC through their unique lens, we will not attempt or claim to offer a comprehensive history that draws this voices into one context. To do so would be to demand a unified field at a moment when such moves are being deeply questioned. Instead, we will broadly note that through the work of the Black Caucus, Latinx Caucus, American Indian Caucus, and Asian/Asian American Caucus, among other voices and organizations, CCCC members were made aware of the passage of SB 43 in Missouri, a piece of legislation that would place the burden of proof on the plaintiff regarding racial discrimination as a motivating factor. The passage of that legislation resulted in a national NAACP travel advisory for the state of Missouri. Many CCCC Caucuses and Special Interest Group justly demanded that CCCC support the NAACP initiative, as well as the CCCC members, whose very identity put them in danger, by moving the convention elsewhere. After much discussion, the CCCC Executive Committee ultimately decided to hold the conference in Kansas City. At the present moment, the CCCC Executive Committee is attempting to develop concrete steps to make the conference accessible and safe for those most threatened by the specific situation in Kansas City and the general situation in Missouri as a whole.

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